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Heavy duty hydraulic cutter for stainless steel wire rope

Author:Mmhtools Date:2014-4-4 13:25:47
Sometimes, we need heavy duty but portable wire cutter to do the job that cutting steel cable, stainless steel wire ropes.
In order to meeting customers' need, we manufacture new designed hydraulic wire cutter, professional for cutting stainless steel wire ropes, heavy duty, double blade holders, special material cutting blades, easy open style cutter head.

Our factory item number YQ-32B, standard for cutting up to max 32mm steel wire rope, base on 7*19 strands.
YQ-32B is a perfect cutter, recommend for cutting steel cable, stainless steel wire ropes, ACSR cable, NOT for cutting copper aluminum cable.

Also we offer smaller cutting capacity hydraulic wire cutter, YQ-20C, YQ-24B.
YQ-20C is the same series with YQ-32B, easy-open cutter head, but smaller cutting range up to 20mm diameter.
YQ-24B is another type cutter, closed style cutter head, can do the job to cut max 24mm.

Cutting bigger than 32mm steel wire ropes, our engineers advise hydraulic cutter head work together with pump, hydraulic hand pump, foot pump, or electrical power motor hydraulic pump available.

Just in case, customer need a smaller wire cutter for cutting small size steel wire ropes, our manual type hand wire cutter will be better.